Why you want to be thin?

21. března 2008 v 15:28 | foxie |  PRO-ANA
Coraz viac mladych podlahlo tuzbe stat sa stihlimi ako ti perfektni ludia, co na nas cumia z kazdej stranky ktorehokolvek casopisu.Na ich ceste k dokonalosti ich mozno sprevadzaju i tieto motta:

Why I want be thin? Cause theskinny bitches always win.
Two minutes in your lips = twoyears in your hips.
Saying "no thanks" tofood = sayiny "yea please" to thin.
The thinner is the winner.
Nothing tastes as good as thinfeels.
Not eating light makes your tootight.
Hunger pangs are fat leaving thebody.
If you dream it, you can do it.
The difference between want andneed is self-control.
Thin is always in. Those who sayotherwise are usually fat, aren´t they?
If it tastes good, it is trying tokill you.
Hunger hurts, but starving works.
Fat is not an option,beauty is onthe outside!

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